Internship Experience

Mozilla Inc.

Google Summer of Code Intern May 2017 - Aug 2017

Work includes revamping the existing bug filing interface (enter bug.cgi) into a single page interface reducing the multi-hop db access, unnecessary template rendering etc. This should enhance the speed and performance in bug filing. Proposal


BITS Darshini: A Modular, Concurrent Protocol Analyzer Workbench

P Talasila, M Kakrambe, S Santy, A Rai, N Goveas, B Deshpande
International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking (ICDCN, ACM) 2018


  • Study and Implementation of Critical Protocol Analysis

    Spawned a cross-collaboration workbench for BITS Darshini, a modular, concurrent, customizable protocol analyzer. This is implemented for sharing the experiments among researchers and experts (for review) in order to save resources on analysis of large pcap files involved in the process. Deployed vagrant installation and modularized and refactored BackboneJS. Paper under review.

  • Detection of Stealth Objects using their Natural Frequencies

    In the ongoing work, the time-series of vibrations of natural frequencies across multiple sources and of varying amplitude (due to doppler shift of source and movement of detector) is collected and is analyzed to identify sources and their emission frequencies. The time-series is encoded as images using Tiled CNNs in order for the time-series to analyzed further as an image processing problem.

  • Replacing REST API endpoints with GraphQL, Treeherder (Mozilla)

    Reponsible for handling the integration of GraphQL based APIs on Mozilla’s automation tool, Treeherder. GraphQL queries only the required variables from the database, which improves the efficiency drastically.

  • AutolabCLI: Remote Interface for AutolabJS

    This CLI helps committing the code to local gitlab server, submit the code from gitlab server to the evaluation nodes and retrieve the results using a socket connection.

  • Custom Forms application using REST API (Mozilla)

    Made a custom form example application which uses REST API (also auth delegation callbacks) to file the application as bugs on This is to keep track of all the data generated through forms as bugs. Handles dynamic class models (with metaclasses) based on the feedback of the author.


Center for Technical Education, BITS Goa

Introduction to Programming in Python Aug 2017 - Present

To introduce students to multiple programming paradigms, object oriented concepts and functional programming using the language Python.

Reinforcement Learning Aug 2017 - Present

Introduction to RL covering various topics like Q-Learning, MDPs, Policy Search, Credit Assignment Problems, Bellman Equation, DQN’s etc.